North Korea Vet Charlie Williams elected to Cobb RA Board

North Korea Vet Charlie Williams elected to Cobb RA Board

The Cobb County Republican Assembly Executive Committee met this evening to vote to fill a vacancy recently created on the board. By a unanimous vote, North Korean American military Veteran Charlie Williams was elected to the position of 3rd Vice President on the Cobb County RA Executive Committee. Charlie has distinguished himself for years for his dedication as a volunteer Republican Assembly member in the Cobb GOP. Last year he was instrumental in organizing the Cobb GOP’s table at the county fair.

The other board members welcomed Charlie to the team and expressed their confidence that he would do a wonderful job.

Charlie’s election came after former Cobb RA President Debra Williams submitted her resignation from that position so she could spend more time with her grandchildren and focus more on her role as the Events Coordinator for the Georgia Republican Assembly as well as the lady representative from Georgia on the NFRA board. Debra served as the interim Cobb RA President after the founding President Michael Davis resigned to spend more time on his work and family. She was elected to the position in August of last year at the most recent Cobb RA county convention.

Under the by-laws of the Cobb County Republican Assembly, all other officers on the board were moved up to fill the vacancy created by Debra’s absence. Frank Molesky (who had been the 1st Vice President) was moved up to President of the Cobb RAs. Matthew Hardwick was moved up to 1st Vice President, and Jerry Ramsey to 2nd Vice President. Charlie filled the gap for 3rd Vice President.

Jeff Souther continues to serve as the Interim Secretary of the Cobb County Republican Assembly until a new permanent Secretary can be found.


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