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The Cobb RAs Announces the Results of Its Electronic Endorsement Convention

The Cobb RAs Announces the Results of Its Electronic Endorsement Convention

The Cobb County Republican Assembly (Cobb RAs) completed the voting for its Electronic Endorsement Convention last Friday, April 2nd at 10pm. In honor of the Good Friday / Easter / Resurrection Sunday weekend, the Cobb RA board decided to wait to announce the results until today.

The Electronic Endorsement Convention was conducted after the completion of our Candidate Forum last Tuesday, providing participants with an education to make an informed decision. Here are some photos of that event (thanks to John Delves to taking many of these photos):

According to the bylaws of the Georgia Republican Assembly and of the Cobb chapter, candidates can only be endorsed by at least two-third majority of the participating RA membership. Members had three days to register and vote. Voters got to choose between four options: Lisa Adkins, Pamela Alayon, Salleigh Grubbs, or no endorsement at all.

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Cobb RAs Hosts Candidate Forum for Upcoming Cobb GOP Convention Election

Cobb RAs Hosts Candidate Forum for Upcoming Cobb GOP Convention Election

Last night the Cobb County Republican Assembly (Cobb RAs) hosted a Candidate Forum featuring all three candidate for Cobb County GOP Chair and several of their slate officers. For a two-hour marathon the candidates answered 25 questions pre-submitted to the Cobb RA from various activists in the county. Lisa Adkins, Pamela Alayon, and Salleigh Grubbs answered most of the questions, as the chair candidates. The forum was moderated by the Cobb RA Chairman Nathaniel Darnell.

Next week all the candidates will be interviewed privately by the Cobb GOP Nominating Committee, but these video-recorded interviews will provide any delegates voting at the Cobb County GOP Convention an opportunity to vet the candidates themselves before deciding with slate or candidates to vote to elect as officers for the next two years.

Now you can watch the video on the Cobb RA YouTube Channel at the link below.

After the Candidate Forum, GRA members who are a part of the Cobb County chapter will have the opportunity to participate in the Cobb RA’s Electronic Endorsement Convention, which started last night at 9pm and runs until 10pm on Friday, April 2nd. If you desire to participate in the Electronic Endorsement Convention, please be sure to follow the instructions carefully as refunds will not be provided to those who pay but do not qualify to vote. As usual, in order for anyone to have a vote in the Electronic Endorsement Convention, they must first be an approved GRA member, and they must also pay their registration fee on the Electronic Endorsement Convention’s EventBrite page here. An endorsement of a local candidate can only happen if at least two-thirds of the participating Cobb RA members vote in favor of endorsing one of the candidates. Members always have the option to vote for “no endorsement.” We look forward to seeing what our membership decides!

The Cobb GOP’s Precinct Mass Meeting Sees Participation Jump

The Cobb GOP’s Precinct Mass Meeting Sees Participation Jump

Last weekend the Cobb County Republican Party held its Precinct Mass Meeting (PMM) a week ahead of when most other counties in Georgia will host theirs. Although the county has taken some hits just as the rest of the state in the recent elections, a new wave of activists showed up to pack-out the Hilton Marietta Conference Center ballroom where the event was being held.

The Cobb GOP Executive Committee

The Cobb GOP Executive Committee that is about to conclude their term next month honored the retiring Chairman Jason Shepherd for his tireless service for the county over the last four years with a plaque and a few kind words. Shepherd’s election with the help the Cobb RAs marked an improvement in internal Cobb Republican politics in the aftermath of many problems created under predecessors such as Joe Dendy. Still, there is much more work that needs to be done to improve the county further.

528 possible delegates and alternates were nominated at the Cobb PMM to serve in the Cobb County Republican Party’s County Convention. Although that is not a record, it is better participation than Cobb has seen over over a decade.

The high attendance at the PMM this year is driven in no small part by the erupting concerns many have about the alleged voter fraud. Republicans in Georgia who have been busy with other aspects of their lives were motived to get involved more in local politics after witnessing the fiascos of the general election, the recount, and the runoff. Their presence is welcome as many existing volunteers have been suffering from burnout and are desperate for reinforcements.

Cobb RAs Host a Great Training Session Today in Preparation of the Precinct Mass Meeting & County Convention

Cobb RAs Host a Great Training Session Today in Preparation of the Precinct Mass Meeting & County Convention

Today the Cobb County Republican Assembly hosted another training session to equip a new wave of activists in how to navigate the Precinct Mass Meeting and County Convention. Although the training was primarily regarding Cobb, activists from neighboring counties also participating, including residents from Gwinnett, Fulton, and DeKalb.

The training was led by Cobb RA Chairman Nathaniel Darnell and GRA President Alex Johnson, and walked participants through the big picture of how the convention system works and proceeds and what is necessary to be most effective. Often, new activists are overwhelmed and confused about how the system works and feel like they don’t know what is going on around them when they get involved. This training was designed to clear much of that up and enable these new recruits to be aware and effective from day one.

Much of the time was also spent introducing participants to parliamentary procedure. GRA President Alex Johnson led the crowd in a mock-convention to help them get comfortable understanding the terms, order of business, and motions that would be used.

We appreciate the work of all our volunteers who helped to organize this event, provide food, and run registration. We especially thank our Cobb RA President Debbie Fisher, our Secretary Catherine Floam, our Treasurer Kerry Kee, and our member Mrs. Abigail Darnell for all the work they did to make things run smoothly.

The group was composed of mostly new faces, and each participant spoke in front of the group, introduced themselves, and explained what it was that motivated each of them to get more involved in Republican activism at this point in time. An overwhelming number of them expressed concern especially with the evidence of voter fraud and abuse they believe occurred in the elections last year.

Democrats in Congress Show What  Arbitrary Power Looks Like

Democrats in Congress Show What Arbitrary Power Looks Like

Practically everyone who remembers the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton from 1998 remembers what the charges where against him. However, it’s been less than a year since President Donald Trump was first acquitted in an impeachment proceeding Democrats led against him, and hardly anyone can remember what Trump was impeached for!

That’s because in the past Congress had some sense of the gravity involved in making an impeachment charge against an elected official. Now Democrats are simply showing how with a simple majority you can impeach or sanction anyone you want—regardless of how ridiculous and strained the charges may be!

Their willingness to exercise arbitrary majority power illustrates the wisdom of our founding fathers in making us a republic rather than a democracy. In a democracy, the temporary 51% can reap whatever havoc they arbitrarily want over the 49% but in a republic the majority has checks and balances.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

These last couple of weeks the Democrats’ arbitrary power was on full display has they led unconstitutional impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump even though he is no longer serving as President. The bitter partisanship of the strained charges compelled Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene (R-14) to file a bill likewise calling for the impeachment of recently sworn-in Democrat President Joe Biden due to the evidence that he leveraged his federal government connections with Ukraine to win his son Hunter favorable business.

Her bill so infuriated Democrats—who aren’t used to Republicans giving them such a taste of their own medicine—that they also brought up arbitrary charges against Congressswoman Greene in order to remove her from her committee assignments! Even people who do not agree with many things President Trump and Congresswoman Greene have communicated on social media can see what these proceedings were really about.

The real reason Marjorie’s received so much scrutiny and flack is because she is taking the fight to the enemy. Republicans have never harassed radical leftists such as “AOC+3” like this for the kinds of extreme and wild things they’ve said or done to the point of talking about “expelling” them. The Democrats are trying to use Marjorie as an example to intimidate all Republicans so they’ll stay nice little docile creatures and let the Democrats get away with anything they want for the next two years.

Let the record show, however, that we want more Republicans who will take the fight to the Democrats over the next two years.

If you haven’t seen Marjorie’s excellent speech from the House floor, click the image above to watch it now!
Two Announce Candidacy for Cobb County GOP Chair

Two Announce Candidacy for Cobb County GOP Chair

Lisa Adkins

This morning at the Cobb GOP Headquarters for the monthly breakfast, two activists announced their intention to run for Cobb GOP Chairman to replace Jason Shepherd as his term is about to end mid-April: Pam Alayon and Lisa Adkins. Both have been active in the Cobb County Republican Party for years. Dr. Lisa Adkins has been a leading volunteer in the Cobb YRs for years, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the 11th District GOP organization. She made a soft announcement several days ago on social media, and publicly presented her candidacy at the conclusion of today’s breakfast meeting. Lisa is running on a motto to “modernize and revitalize” the Cobb Republican Party.

Prior to that during the breakfast this morning, activist Jeff Souther (who formerly served on the Executive Committee for the Cobb RAs) sponsored the announcement from Pam Alayon that she would also be running. Pam has been serving as the Vice Chair of Membership in the Cobb County Republican Party under Jason Shepherd, and serves on the Diversity Board of the National Federation of Republican Women. Pam announced her proposed slate of executive officers that would be campaigning with her:

  1. Chairman – Pamela Alayon
  2. First Vice-Chair – Jean Young
  3. Vice-Chair of Party and Grassroots Development – Dr. Fun Fong
  4. Vice-Chair of Communications and Information – Jeff Souther
  5. Vice-Chair of Membership – Mario Russo
  6. Secretary – Catherine Floam
  7. Treasurer – Dave Tolka
Pam Alayon

Former Georgia Republican Party Chair Sue Everhart from Cobb spoke expressing her endorsement of Pam Alayon as well. Alayon announced that her candidacy represents a more collaborative leadership style than many other chairs have applied in the past. She indicated that her slate of executive officers would be empowered to lead the organization more, that she would not be micro-managing or top heavy as has been done in the past, but would equip experts in different fields and delegate to them.

Lisa Adkins said her candidacy would seek to bring groups together and return us to our roots and values. Both candidates spoke about reaching out to segments in the community that have been overlooked in the past.

Speculation continues as to whether any third person would be announcing his or her intentions to join this race.

In the past, the Cobb County Republican Assembly has hosted candidate forums to give candidates in local races an opportunity to represent themselves to the activists who would be voting in the county convention to elect them. Expect the Cobb RAs to announce a similar forum in the weeks ahead. After forums, members of the Cobb RAs have the opportunity to endorse a candidate by a two-thirds majority, if they so choose.

Cobb GOP Sets Its Mass Precinct Meeting to March 13th

Cobb GOP Sets Its Mass Precinct Meeting to March 13th

It’s convention season for the Republican Party in Georgia, and to kick that off, activists will have the opportunity to participate in the Mass Precinct Meeting in Cobb County!

The date for Cobb: March 13, 2021.

Some have expressed confusion because material being put on on social media shows the Mass Precinct Meeting scheduled for “March 20th.” That material is over-simplified. To explain: The Call of the GAGOP allows counties with populations over 80,000 to schedule their Mass Precinct Meeting anytime between March 11th and March 20th. The Cobb County Republican Committee met on February 2nd and voted to schedule their Mass Precinct Meeting on March 13th. Other counties with over 80,000 may have their Mass Precinct Meeting on March 20th, if they so choose.

Cobb RA members at the Cobb GOP Committee Meeting were successful in defeating a proposal that would have apportioned delegates to the county convention on April 17th to only one delegate for every 250 voters in favor of Donald Trump last November. (Normally the ratio is one delegate for every 50 voters for the presidential nominee.) The proposal would have meant five of Cobb’s most Republican precincts would have been under-represented as delegates compared to previous years.

The Cobb GOP Mass Precinct Meeting will open registration at 8:30am on Saturday, March 13th at the Hilton Marietta Conference Center and participation is free. No admissions will be permitted after 10:00am.

“Should Abortion Remain Legal?” Survey Sparks Dialogue at Dalton State 

“Should Abortion Remain Legal?” Survey Sparks Dialogue at Dalton State 

On Tuesday, Cobb GRA member Abigail Darnell led a group of 17 pro-life activists in conducting an informal survey of student opinions on the campus of Dalton State College on the subject of abortion and other controversial bio-ethical practices that kill human beings. The activists were predominantly members of Northwest Georgia Right to Life (NWGRTL), the organization that hosted the event. 

April Fry, the Director of Education for Georgia Right to Life said, “We are here to talk to the students about the sanctity of human life so that they would value all innocent human life, including those that cannot speak for themselves.”

“What you all are doing here, it is making a difference. It really makes people question how they think,” said Mellissa, one of the students surveyed. 

The GRA has a strong pro-life position in its statement of principles in favor of life being protected from conception, and GRA members appointed to a committee for the GA GOP passed a platform for the Georgia Republican Party last summer that included the assertion: “We believe in the right to life from conception, beginning at fertilization, to natural death.”

To create interest in the subject at Dalton State College and help inform the dialogue, the pro-life group on Tuesday set up a large display containing pictures of a developing pre-born child, some thought-provoking stories of experiments on human life in the laboratory that raises bio-ethical concerns, as well as some graphic pictures of abortion victims.  Read More

Cobb RA Sponsors Cobb GOP’s 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Cobb RA Sponsors Cobb GOP’s 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the conclusion of the Cold War and the defeat of Soviet Communism were one of the great triumphs of the last one hundred years. 11/9 was every bit as significant as 9/11 in history — except this day was significant for good! So the Cobb County Republican Assembly was proud and pleased to sponsor the Cobb GOP’s event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Several Cobb County Republican Assembly members attended the party, including Cobb RA Chairman Nathaniel Darnell, Cobb RA Secretary Jeff Souther, and Cobb RA 2nd Vice President Matthew Hardwick along with his wife Marissa — as well as members Taryn Bowman, Mike Congemi, and Timothy Roberts!