Month: March 2021

Cobb RAs Hosts Candidate Forum for Upcoming Cobb GOP Convention Election

Cobb RAs Hosts Candidate Forum for Upcoming Cobb GOP Convention Election

Last night the Cobb County Republican Assembly (Cobb RAs) hosted a Candidate Forum featuring all three candidate for Cobb County GOP Chair and several of their slate officers. For a two-hour marathon the candidates answered 25 questions pre-submitted to the Cobb RA from various activists in the county. Lisa Adkins, Pamela Alayon, and Salleigh Grubbs answered most of the questions, as the chair candidates. The forum was moderated by the Cobb RA Chairman Nathaniel Darnell.

Next week all the candidates will be interviewed privately by the Cobb GOP Nominating Committee, but these video-recorded interviews will provide any delegates voting at the Cobb County GOP Convention an opportunity to vet the candidates themselves before deciding with slate or candidates to vote to elect as officers for the next two years.

Now you can watch the video on the Cobb RA YouTube Channel at the link below.

After the Candidate Forum, GRA members who are a part of the Cobb County chapter will have the opportunity to participate in the Cobb RA’s Electronic Endorsement Convention, which started last night at 9pm and runs until 10pm on Friday, April 2nd. If you desire to participate in the Electronic Endorsement Convention, please be sure to follow the instructions carefully as refunds will not be provided to those who pay but do not qualify to vote. As usual, in order for anyone to have a vote in the Electronic Endorsement Convention, they must first be an approved GRA member, and they must also pay their registration fee on the Electronic Endorsement Convention’s EventBrite page here. An endorsement of a local candidate can only happen if at least two-thirds of the participating Cobb RA members vote in favor of endorsing one of the candidates. Members always have the option to vote for “no endorsement.” We look forward to seeing what our membership decides!

The Cobb GOP’s Precinct Mass Meeting Sees Participation Jump

The Cobb GOP’s Precinct Mass Meeting Sees Participation Jump

Last weekend the Cobb County Republican Party held its Precinct Mass Meeting (PMM) a week ahead of when most other counties in Georgia will host theirs. Although the county has taken some hits just as the rest of the state in the recent elections, a new wave of activists showed up to pack-out the Hilton Marietta Conference Center ballroom where the event was being held.

The Cobb GOP Executive Committee

The Cobb GOP Executive Committee that is about to conclude their term next month honored the retiring Chairman Jason Shepherd for his tireless service for the county over the last four years with a plaque and a few kind words. Shepherd’s election with the help the Cobb RAs marked an improvement in internal Cobb Republican politics in the aftermath of many problems created under predecessors such as Joe Dendy. Still, there is much more work that needs to be done to improve the county further.

528 possible delegates and alternates were nominated at the Cobb PMM to serve in the Cobb County Republican Party’s County Convention. Although that is not a record, it is better participation than Cobb has seen over over a decade.

The high attendance at the PMM this year is driven in no small part by the erupting concerns many have about the alleged voter fraud. Republicans in Georgia who have been busy with other aspects of their lives were motived to get involved more in local politics after witnessing the fiascos of the general election, the recount, and the runoff. Their presence is welcome as many existing volunteers have been suffering from burnout and are desperate for reinforcements.

Salleigh Grubbs Announces Her Campaign as the Third Candidate for Cobb GOP Chair

Salleigh Grubbs Announces Her Campaign as the Third Candidate for Cobb GOP Chair

This morning at the Cobb County GOP Breakfast, a third candidate added her name to the race for Cobb County GOP Chair; lifelong resident of Marietta, GA, a business leader and recent Cobb RA member, Salleigh Grubbs.

Salleigh Grubbs

Salleigh joins a race that has two Republican women running for Chair, Pam Alayon and Dr. Lisa Adkins. Salleigh’s motivation to join the race came after witnessing the frustrating outcomes of the 2020 general election where Cobb County lost every seat and majority except for the School Board. Like many conservative patriots, Salleigh has expressed her fear for the direction that our Country and County is headed and Saturday morning she stated that we have a trust problem in the Republican Party. During her announcement Salleigh said, “What defines us are our principles, our Conservative principles,” which reiterates a message the Cobb RA has promoted for years!

According to her speech and press release, for the past 30 years Salleigh has proven her leadership skills as a successful business executive in the Chemical Coating Industry. She has been involved in Civic organizations and Politics throughout her adult life as a citizen advocate who defends our Constitution, promotes Republican values and the principles of smaller government, lower taxes and education. Salleigh’s civic involvement includes the following activities: current Treasurer of the Chemical Coaters Association of Georgia and the past president, former Voice of Democracy Judge for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and past member of the Marietta Middle School SGT. Since the 2020 Election Salleigh has been working every day to restore Republican principles, defend freedom and fight for election integrity in her county and state.

Salleigh announced that she was proud to have received several endorsements from notable politicos. The admired conservative former Cobb County Board of Commissioner Chairman, Bill Byrne said of her: “Cobb County is in dire need for strong and conservative party leadership to address the needs of the Republican Party and it is with a great deal of pleasure to support and endorse Salleigh Grubbs to lead the party into the future.”

Conservative Radio talk show host, John Fredrick’s told his listeners that Salleigh is doing exactly what needs to be done all across America; she is the perfect person that is needed to make the necessary changes in the Cobb County Republican Party.  In a press release he also had this to say; “More conservative America First agenda citizens like Salleigh Grubbs need to step up and run for office – whether it is for the Republican Party, or local, state and national offices!” You can read more about Salleigh on her website

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