Month: June 2024

Come on July 25th to a Candidate Meet & Greet

Come on July 25th to a Candidate Meet & Greet

With the Republican Primary runoffs now behind us, we are in full swing for the general elections, and we in the Cobb County Republican Assembly have teamed up with some of our local Cobb GOP House District and precinct officers to host a Candidate Meet & Greet event on July 25th to which we wanted to invite you!

This event will be a fine opportunity for you and your neighbors to meet candidates in four pivotal races here in Cobb, to pick their brains, to volunteer to help their campaigns, and to make donations for their races.

The following candidates have been invited to participate in this event: Brad Wheeler for re-election to the County School Board, Kay Morgan for County Commission Chair, David Cavender for County Sheriff, and Gary Chaffee for State Representative in House District 35. So far Wheeler, Morgan, and Chaffee have already confirmed.

Gary Chaffee is running for State House on a slogan of “God, Family, & the Constitution,” and received the GRA endorsement in the Republican primary. He faces incumbent Democrat Lisa Campbell in the Acworth area near KSU. You can learn more about his race at

Chris Ragsdale

Brad Wheeler has taken some strong stands on the Cobb County School Board, supporting the Superintendent Chris Ragsdale and opposing the intrusion of trans and woke ideologies in the classroom and in other school functions behind the backs of the parents. The county school board is the only one that Republicans still have a majority on in Cobb County, and many believe that if the board flips Democrat, it will have a negative impact on housing values in the county.

Wheeler’s race is especially being targeted by Democrats, and he faces Democrat challenger Andrew Cole, who garnered over 1,000 more votes in his primary race than the Republican.

We plan to organize door-knock campaign teams for Wheeler in September to help ensure strong turnout from Republicans in the district. Check out his re-elections campaign web site at

Kay Morgan and David Cavender are challenging Democrat incumbents for county-wide races on the county commission and sheriff’s office, respectively. Republicans are grateful for them stepping up to run. Kay’s campaign web site against Lisa Cupid is, and David’s web site is

Here is a summary of the event:

Candidate Meet & Greet
Address: 4905 Amberton Dr SW, Powder Springs, GA 30127
Date: July 25, 2024
Start time: 6:30pm
Cost: Free!

Light refreshments to be provided.

Click here if you would like to RSVP for the event on Facebook.