Cobb RA Hosts Meeting about Proposed New Transit Tax

Cobb RA Hosts Meeting about Proposed New Transit Tax

Tonight we heard an eye-opening report during our meeting at Taco Mac with Lance Lamberton from the Cobb Taxpayer’s Association. He informed us of some of the latest shenanigans from our Democrat-controlled County Commissioners. 

In particular, we learned that the proposed county transit development tax increase would cost $11 billion. This would cost the average household in Cobb County $500 per year —even though only about 3,800 people (out of a county with a population with 766,802) use the public transportation! Indeed, ridership in the current transit system has decreased since 2019 by 75% in spite of them adding Sunday service.

With so few people likely to use such a very expensive proposed service, why would Cobb County support this — unless voters are simply ignorant of its details when they go vote on it at the polls in November? 

Although the proposal is coming from the Democrat County Commissioners, the legislation that allowed this proposed tax increase to even be considered this way was sponsored by Republican State Senator Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta).

It’s important that we get the word out about this terrible tax increase through SPLOST in Cobb County! Let us know if you would like to help us reach voters in Cobb County regarding this fiscally irresponsible proposal.

Keeping our taxes low and local government small, efficient, and non-intrusive are principles of our Republican Party, and we are proud to support partnering organizations like the Cobb Taxpayers Association who are working to champion this cause. We appreciate so many concerned citizens who came out to our meeting last week.

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