Cobb GOP Passes Two Strong Resolutions Against DEI & for Election Integrity In Spite of Hamstrung Resolutions Procedures

Cobb GOP Passes Two Strong Resolutions Against DEI & for Election Integrity In Spite of Hamstrung Resolutions Procedures

Marietta, GA — At Roswell Street Baptist Church last Saturday, the Cobb County Republican Party held their county convention to elect delegates to the congressional district and state conventions, to adopt rules, and to pass resolutions. Most of the convention went fairly smoothly with only minor changes made to the delegate lists proposed by the Nominating Committee, primarily due to some delegates dropping out because of scheduling conflicts.

Delegates check-in at the convention

However, the convention once again ran into a reoccurring problem for the Cobb GOP with being able to pass resolutions due to the ridiculous red tape Parliamentarian Donna Rowe has put in the Cobb GOP Rules, creating an arduous process to get resolutions submitted and approved. This was done in reaction to the backlash the Cobb GOP received a few years ago when a resolution was overwhelmingly passed by the county committee criticizing Governor Brian Kemp. This time the procedures made it so that a resolution favored by Cobb GOP Chairwoman Salleigh Grubbs could not be voted on by the body.

The resolution would have called for Board of Elections member and lobbyist Ed Lindsey to have been removed from the board and replaced with a grassroots champion for election integrity. Although the Cobb GOP’s procedural rules did not allow for the delegates to consider that resolution, other county GOP conventions did pass resolutions on that subject. Marci McCarthy, Chairwoman of the DeKalb GOP, for example, reported that her county’s convention passed the resolution. As the Over 80K Chair for the GA GOP, Salleigh Grubbs was said to be encouraging other county GOPs with over 80,000 populations to pass the resolution she could not pass in her own county.

The Cobb GOP did, however, manage to pass two strong resolutions at the county convention, which were presented by Cobb RA member Leroy Emkin, who serves as the Chairman of the Resolutions Committee. The first of these denounced the use of “Diversity Equity & Inclusion” (DEI) policies, which are tied to theories of Marxist “social justice,” in the Georgia university system. The second called for election integrity reform. You can see these two proposed resolutions here:

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