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Cobb GRA Member Debbie Fisher Sworn-In to the Cobb County Board of Elections

Cobb GRA Member Debbie Fisher Sworn-In to the Cobb County Board of Elections

Marietta—This afternoon Debbie Fisher of East Cobb was sworn-in as the new member of the Cobb County Board of Elections representing the Republican Party. She was appointed to that position by Cobb GOP Chairwoman Salleigh Grubbs, who is also a Cobb GRA member. Debbie Fisher has been a tireless activist for election integrity in the county since the 2020 election.

Debbie Fisher (center) with GRA NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell (right) & GRA 3rd Vice President Abigail Darnell (left) & baby Patience

A previous President for the Cobb chapter of the GRA, Debbie Fisher also served with Salleigh Grubbs on her Executive Committee in the Cobb GOP during the last term, and she has been active on the Government Accountability Task Force with Christine Rozman. Not afraid of uphill battles, Debbie campaigned hard in the primary for the Cobb RA’s endorsed candidate Larry Savage when he ran against Mike Boyce for Cobb Commission Chairman after Boyce pushed through a plan to raise taxes in Cobb County. She has frequently monitored the activities of both the Cobb County Commission and Board of Elections and helped to keep her other local Republicans aware of the details on what was going on.

We expect that Debbie Fisher will apply herself with the same level of dedication and scrutiny that she has applied to all of her previous endeavors. She will be an ever-vigilant proponent for honest elections and will do her utmost to expose any suspicious activity and bring accountability where appropriate.

Debbie Fisher is succeeding another Cobb GRA member Pat Gartland on the Cobb Board of Elections. Gartland has served on the board for the last few years, and had served before under previous administrations. Fisher will officially assume her duties at the next meeting of the Cobb Board of Elections in July.

Currently, Cobb County still allows each of the local political parties to appoint a seat to the county Board of Elections. The Democrat appointee was also sworn in today. There are rumors that State Senator Ed Setzler (R-37) is looking to put forward legislation next year that would take this power away from the local parties and give it to the county commissioners, similar to what was recently done in Cherokee County. We believe this would be a terrible mis-step, and hope local Republican activists would make an outcry against such an effort at the state capitol next year.

Debbie Fisher Elected as the New Cobb County Republican Assembly President

Debbie Fisher Elected as the New Cobb County Republican Assembly President

The Cobb County Republican Assembly is pleased to announce that Cobb GRA member Debbie Fisher has been elected as the new Cobb County Republican Assembly President. She was nominated by her predecessor Frank Molesky, who is stepping down from the position so that he can devote more time toward his role as the Southeastern Director for the NFRA. The Cobb GRA Board voted on her nomination earlier this week, and we are pleased to have such a hard-working and energetic person as Debbie on the leadership team.

For years Debbie has worked tirelessly with a group of activists in Cobb County to bring attention to some of the concerns going on with the Cobb County Commission. Among other things, she and Jan Barton worked with Alicia Adams to organize grassroots groups to oppose the real estate tax increases the Commission voted on two years ago. She will be working to mobilize the Cobb GRA to help its new endorsed candidate Larry Savage win the Republican Primary for Cobb County Commission Chairman on June 9th.

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