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Save Your Local Trash Collector!

Save Your Local Trash Collector!

With their new found power, the Democrat-controlled county commission is attempting to take trash service away from the competitive free-market and institute it as a government service. Thankfully, they are meeting with some resistance.

JoAnn Birrell, 3rd Cobb Commission District

In the past “Republican” Commissioner JoAnn Birrell has supported cronyists initiatives such as giving a billionaire over $400 million in tax subsidies for his sports arena. It’s nice to know that her willingness to go along with a County Commission Chair’s proposals for local big government expansion and interference with the free-market has some bounds—at least when it’s a Democrat making the proposal. Birrell didn’t have the same guts to stand up to many other wasteful statist intrusions under previous RINO Chairs Tim Lee and Mike Boyce. Their policies not only stole from the taxpayers but also changed the demographics in our county, which has now led to the recent Democrat takeover.

Keli Gambrill, 1st Cobb Commission District

Meanwhile, our endorsed Commissioner Keli Gambril (District 1) has pretty consistently opposed interference with the free-market and local government waste, while supporting government cuts over tax increases under both Democrat and RINO leadership. Birrell would do well to learn from Gambril’s example. To her credit, Birrell also voted against Mike Boyce’s 2018 tax increase, although that proposal passed with the support of Gambril’s predecessor, who she defeated in that year’s Republican primary.

This trash proposal is not only anti-Free Market competition for our county’s trash pickup but also as a result will lead to higher prices for residents and lower quality of service! It will hurt the current companies competing for that service and the jobs of the employees working for those companies.

This is fundamentally the same type of anti-Free Market intrusion we are accustomed to seeing from RINOs in Cobb. At least this time since the intrusion is coming from a Democrat, Republicans are pretty united against it, and residents in Cobb County are pushing back.

You can learn how to join the effort and stand up for the free-market by opposing this proposal when you go to www.savemytrashcollector.com.