Cobb GRA Helps Jason Shepherd Win GOP Chair’s Race!

Cobb GRA Helps Jason Shepherd Win GOP Chair’s Race!

Cobb GRA members worked tirelessly to help their General Counsel & Parliamentarian Jason Shepherd (and his new administration) to win election as the new Cobb County Republican Party Chair!

Democrats, look out! The Cobb GOP is under new management!

In addition to Jason Shepherd, fiver other Cobb Republican Assembly members were also elected Saturday to the Cobb County GOP Executive Committee: John Hightower was elected to the position of Secretary, Debra Williams was elected as Vice Chair of Volunteers, Pam Rearden was elected as 1st Vice Chair, Jim Boyd was elected Treasurer, and our very own Cobb GRA President Michael Davis was elected as 2nd Vice Chair! Moreover, Cobb GRA Chair Nathaniel Darnell was appointed by Jason as the new “Executive Director” and Cobb GRA member Dan Galloway was appointed as the new Parliamentarian.

Congratulations to all of these CRA members! The CRA was definitely pivotal in helping to ensure victory for the “Make Cobb Red Again” slate on Saturday.

In the above photo (left to right) stand Cobb GRA Chair Nathaniel Darnell, GRA President Alex Johsnon, Cobb GRA General Counsel & Parliamentarian Jason Shepherd, and Cobb GRA President Michael Davis, holding a sign bearing the theme of Jason’s campaign: “Make Cobb Red Again!”

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