Citizen Town Hall Meeting Opposes Property Tax Increase

Citizen Town Hall Meeting Opposes Property Tax Increase

For those who haven’t been able to share their concerns at the Town Hall Meetings being held by Cobb County Commission Chair Mike Boyce about the proposed property tax increase, and for those who want to know more than has been disclosed about the causes of the budget shortfall, citizens Jan Barton and Debbie Fisher organized a Citizen Town Hall Meeting. They invited former Cobb County Commissioner Bill Byrne, former Cobb County Commission candidate Larry Savage, and Cobb County Republican Assembly Chairman Nathaniel Darnell to serve on their panel for the event and answer questions.

The Marietta Daily Journal reported on the event:

“ ‘A lot of seniors … are going to be affected adversely by this, because they have a fixed income, and a lot of them are going to not see their income increase but they are all going to be affected, more maybe than some others of us,’ said Nathaniel Darnell, chairman of the Georgia Republican Assembly’s Cobb chapter, who took part in the event’s panel discussion along with former county commission chairman candidate Larry Savage and Bill Byrne, a predecessor of Boyce who had been in office from 1992 to 2002.

“Meanwhile, Darnell added, the county is offering a corporate entity, the Kroger grocery chain, a tax abatement in an example of what he called an example of ‘crony capitalism.’ Savage has filed a brief challenging the issuance of $35 million in bonds toward Kroger’s planned east Cobb store, which is set to be built on the site of the old Brumby Elementary School and serve as the anchor of a $120 million mixed-use development slated for a 23.5-acre site at the northwest corner of Terrell Mill and Powers Ferry roads. …”

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