Anti-Free Market Trash Service Proposal Quashed for This Year

Anti-Free Market Trash Service Proposal Quashed for This Year

Thanks to the overwhelming outcry from residents and local businesses, the Cobb County Commissioners decided to table the proposal to take trash service out of the free market in our county. That means we have a temporary success—at least until after the election this year!

We appreciate all of our local Cobb County Republican Assembly members and other activists who have spoken out against the proposal and helped to spread the word about this terrible idea. As we posted last week, this proposal is not only anti-Free Market competition for our county’s trash pickup but also as a result will lead to higher prices for residents and lower quality of service! It will hurt the current companies competing for that service and the jobs of the employees working for those companies.

Let us be eternally vigilant on this issue next January when the commissioners plan to take it off the table again and revisit the issue. We should all agree that this is a “solution” far worse than whatever “problem” the Democrats were claiming to want to resolve.

Both Republican commissioners Keli Gambrill (endorsed by the Cobb RAs) of District 1 and JoAnn Birrell of District 3 are up for re-election this November. No Democrats on the commission board are up for re-election this year.

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