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Save Your Local Trash Collector!

Save Your Local Trash Collector!

With their new found power, the Democrat-controlled county commission is attempting to take trash service away from the competitive free-market and institute it as a government service. Thankfully, they are meeting with some resistance.

JoAnn Birrell, 3rd Cobb Commission District

In the past “Republican” Commissioner JoAnn Birrell has supported cronyists initiatives such as giving a billionaire over $400 million in tax subsidies for his sports arena. It’s nice to know that her willingness to go along with a County Commission Chair’s proposals for local big government expansion and interference with the free-market has some bounds—at least when it’s a Democrat making the proposal. Birrell didn’t have the same guts to stand up to many other wasteful statist intrusions under previous RINO Chairs Tim Lee and Mike Boyce. Their policies not only stole from the taxpayers but also changed the demographics in our county, which has now led to the recent Democrat takeover.

Keli Gambrill, 1st Cobb Commission District

Meanwhile, our endorsed Commissioner Keli Gambril (District 1) has pretty consistently opposed interference with the free-market and local government waste, while supporting government cuts over tax increases under both Democrat and RINO leadership. Birrell would do well to learn from Gambril’s example. To her credit, Birrell also voted against Mike Boyce’s 2018 tax increase, although that proposal passed with the support of Gambril’s predecessor, who she defeated in that year’s Republican primary.

This trash proposal is not only anti-Free Market competition for our county’s trash pickup but also as a result will lead to higher prices for residents and lower quality of service! It will hurt the current companies competing for that service and the jobs of the employees working for those companies.

This is fundamentally the same type of anti-Free Market intrusion we are accustomed to seeing from RINOs in Cobb. At least this time since the intrusion is coming from a Democrat, Republicans are pretty united against it, and residents in Cobb County are pushing back.

You can learn how to join the effort and stand up for the free-market by opposing this proposal when you go to

Video of Attorney Ben DuPré’s Message Now Available

Video of Attorney Ben DuPré’s Message Now Available

In case you missed our recent special event, you can now watch the video recording of attorney Ben DuPré’s report “Life, Liberty, & Pistols: The Impact of SCOTUS’s Recent Term”! In addition to serving as a lawyer who has worked on many cases over the years dealing with the subject matter involved in the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings, Ben also serves as the Chief of Staff for the Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel here:

Coming Up: “The Full Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Last Term” with Attorney Ben DuPré

Coming Up: “The Full Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Last Term” with Attorney Ben DuPré

The Cobb County Republican Assembly is pleased to announce a special guest speaker for our county convention on Thursday evening, August 18th at the Cobb County GOP Headquarters: Attorney Ben DuPré, Chief of Staff to the Republican Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court, will personally provide a message on what is being called “the U.S. Supreme Court’s best term in the history of America!” We will hear a summary and explanation on how the court has overturned major damaging precendent that egregiously deviated from the history and text of the U.S. Constitution to circumvent our elected representative system and imposed tyranny on Americans for decades. We will better understand how the series of court decisions were landmark for gun rights, the lives of the preborn, energy development, bureaucratic over-reach, freedom of religion, school choice, and more!

Attorney Ben DuPré, Chief of Staff for the last two elected Chief Justices of the State of Alabama

Ben DuPré is the husband of Jerusha DuPré and the father of seven children, who are educated at home through Ezekiel Academy. Ben is a constitutional law attorney licensed in Virginia and Alabama. Although born and raised in New York, Ben came south as soon as he could, attending Regent University Law School in Virginia, before moving to Montgomery in 2001 to work for Chief Justice Roy Moore at the Alabama Supreme Court on the same day the Ten Commandments monument was installed. In 2003 Ben left the Court to work with Chief Justice Moore at the Foundation for Moral Law for nine years, defending religious liberty and advocating for the pre-born in Georgia, Alabama, and across the country.

Since 2013, Ben served as Chief of Staff for both Chief Justice Moore and now Chief Justice Tom Parker. Ben serves as a deacon at Evangel Church in Montgomery, and is grateful to be saved by grace and to be a survivor of Roe v. Wade.

Registration for the event includes refreshments, dessert, and a time for Q&A with our guest speaker. Season pass holders get $15 off this and future events we host this year!

Here is a summary of the location and times for our up-coming event:
Cobb RA County Convention
Held at the Cobb GOP Headquarters
799 Roswell Street NW, Marietta, GA 30060
$30 early-bird registration (refreshments & dessert included)
$15 registration with season pass
Thursday, August 18, 2022
7:00 PM EST (guest speaker)


Cobb RAs at the Cobb GOP July 4th BBQ

Cobb RAs at the Cobb GOP July 4th BBQ

The Cobb County chapter of the Republican Assembly was pleased to participate as a sponsor of the Cobb County Republican Party’s annual July 4th BBQ yesterday afternoon! This year the event was held in Jim Miller Park (where the County Fair is hosted) and the Cobb RAs hosted a table and had their chapter Chairman Nathaniel Darnell share a message to the guests. Nathaniel highlighted our successful endorsed candidates and discussed several of the initiatives of the GRA. He celebrated the series of recent SCOTUS decisions reversing previous bad precedent on several issues as well as the success of the Constitutional Carry bill passed this year—a legislative idea championed by GRA-endorsed candidates over the last several years. He was quoted in the Marietta Daily Journal about the new Georgians Ending Abortion petition, calling on Governor Kemp and Republicans in the legislature to enact Equal Protection for all of the preborn after the recent Dobbs decision held that Rove v. Wade was unconstitutional.

We appreciate our star volunteer Angie Rawles (soon to be known as “AR-15”) who organized the table where special political SWAG was sold that cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors to the table were also able to learn more about our local endorsed candidates and find out how to join membership in the GRA.

Angie Rawles at the Cobb County Republican Assembly’s table at the event.
Congratulations to our Cobb RA-Endorsed Primary Winners!

Congratulations to our Cobb RA-Endorsed Primary Winners!

On the May 24th primary, three local Cobb-RA (and thus GRA) endorsed candidates won their primaries for the Republican nomination for State House! We wish to congratulate “Tess” Redding, who is running for State House District 37, Olivia Angel, who is running for State House District 39, and Anna Tillman, who is running for State House District 43!

Tess Redding will face Democrat incumbent Mary Frances Williams, who has a GRA-voter score of a 41% (D). Although she’s running in South Cobb, Redding impressively actually won 984 more votes in her Republican primary than Democrat Williams did in hers.

Meanwhile, smiling Olivia Angel will have to wait until the runoff is complete to see which Democrat she’ll face off with in November.

Anna Tillman will face Democrat Solomon Adesanya. Running for an open seat, Tillman earned 981 more votes than both Democrats combined garnered in their Democrat primary.

“Hail, Caesar!” — Congressional Success

Caesar Gonzales for Georgia’s 13th Congressional District

In addition, we also wish to congratulate Caesar Gonzales for winning his Republican nomination for Congressional District 13 to challenge Democrat incumbent David Scott! Congressional District 13 has long been the most oddly-shaped congressional district (based on a design leftover from when the Democrats still ran the state legislature). In addition to covering most of south Cobb County, it also includes portions of Douglas, Fulton, and other counties that wrap along the southwestern belly of I-285.

Moreover, now that Marjorie Taylor Greene has a portion of her congressional district in West Cobb, we are especially excited about her overwhelming primary win!

Cobb RA President Chris Deeb

If you would like to help us promote these candidates to win in the general election in November, please contact our Cobb County Republican Assembly President Chris Deeb!

Our candidates will need volunteers to help with phone-banking, canvassing door-to-door, sign-waving and fundraising. You can donate to help us support our candidates. There are many ways to help!

Some of our candidates may be running in redder districts than others, but we don’t want to take anything for granted. Even in traditionally blue districts, pushing for Republican turnout will help Republican performance in state-wide and congressional races. Let’s not leave any ground to the enemy.

See the List of Local Candidates the Cobb RAs Have Endorsed

See the List of Local Candidates the Cobb RAs Have Endorsed

Marietta, GA — Participating members of the Cobb County Republican Assembly met today at the Cobb County GOP Headquarters to hear speeches by local candidates and to vote on whether to endorse them and others nominated by the membership. It takes a two-thirds majority of the participating membership for a candidate to be endorsed by the RAs. The local endorsement convention ran from 10:30 am until 2pm, and included lunch. Here are the candidates the Cobb RAs voted to endorse:

Legislative Offices

County Commissioners

  • For Cobb County Commission District 3: Judy Sarden (north central Cobb)
    • Challenging incumbent Republican JoAnn Birrell with a poor vote score
  • For Cobb County Commission District 1: Keli Gambrill (West Cobb)
    • Also won endorsement four years ago when challenging an incumbent & has maintained a strong vote score since being elected

Cobb School Board

  • For Post 4: David Chastain (incumbent)
  • For Post 2: Matthew Anthony Sears

For Solicitor General: Courtney Brubaker

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Cobb RAs Pass a County Platform

Cobb RAs Pass a County Platform

Marietta, GA — Participating members of the Cobb County Republican Assembly on Saturday at our county convention debated, discussed, amended, and ultimately passed a county platform listing the county organization’s policy priorities. The convention started at 10:30am at the Cobb GOP Headquarters and lasted until 2pm. Here is the final version that was adopted:

GOP Accountability: Ensure Republican officers do not donate to or support Democrats.

Implement Election Integrity: Remove all drop boxes, ditch Dominion, require photo IDs, perform audits to paper ballots, provide access to the people to review paper ballots, shrink time window for absentee voting, and clean the voter rolls.

Oppose All Tax Increases, including SPLOSTs.

Oppose All Forms of Cronyism: corporate welfare, government-engineered economic development, (TADs) Tax Allocation districts, and (TIFs) tax increment financing 

Recognize Personhood of Pre-born: Ensure county employee group health insurance plans do not fund abortion, and shutdown the Marietta Planned Parenthood on Cobb Parkway.

Promote School Choice: Oppose all forms of critical theory including but not limited to CRT, SEL & gender theory indoctrination of the youth, and encourage all alternative private education options (such as vouchers or true tax credits) that foster free market competition in education.

Implement Health & Medical Freedom: Promote vaccine choice & mask freedom, and oppose mandated quarantines and lockdowns

Oppose Government & Crony Corporate Internet Censorship: Recognize that the internet is the town square of the 21st century that demands 1st amendment protections from government boards and private government-aligned boards.

Cobb County RA Endorsement Convention: April 30th

Cobb County RA Endorsement Convention: April 30th

The Cobb County Republican Assembly cordially invites you to our 2022 County Endorsement Convention. Come hear candidates for local office running in the Republican primary speak, ask them questions, and then—if you’re a Cobb RA member—vote on whether to endorse a candidate for office! Everyone who registers is welcome to attend, but only members may vote. 

Remember: It takes a two-thirds majority of the participating membership in order for a candidate to win endorsement of the county organization. Proxies are not permitted at endorsement conventions. 

Date: Saturday, April 30th

Registration Early bird special: $20 (before April 22nd) (lunch included)

Late registration: $25 (after April 22nd) (lunch included)

Location: Cobb GOP Headquarters

Time: Opens at 10:00am / Business starts at 10:30am

Click here to register at our EventBrite page.

Pro-lifers Open Casket on Abortion Victims at Kennesaw State (Warning: Graphic Images)

Pro-lifers Open Casket on Abortion Victims at Kennesaw State (Warning: Graphic Images)

On Wednesday, pro-life activists disrupted the status quo of Kennesaw State University exposing hundreds of students to images of abortion victims. The activists were staff and volunteers for the Center for Bio-ethical Reform.

We’re here with the Genocide Awareness project which is a graphic display depicting the victims of historically recognized genocide alongside the victims of abortion in our modern day. The whole point of that is to draw attention to the inhumanity of abortion and to draw attention to the humanity of the pre-born,” said Lincoln Brandenburg, spokesman for the organization. 

Lincoln Brandenberg, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Project Director with his display at Kennesaw State University

“Ultimately the reason our society tolerates it, really comes down to the fact that it’s invisible and that because it’s invisible we’re able to salve our conscience and not have to confront the worldviews that we use to justify it and the slogans that we use to justify it.” 

At any point throughout the day a crowd of some fifty students surrounded the display having conversations with the pro-lifers and each other. The display met with a very mixed and emotionally-charged reception.

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