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Gov. Ron DeSantis Defends Former President Trump in His Visit to Cobb County

Gov. Ron DeSantis Defends Former President Trump in His Visit to Cobb County

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Cobb County last Thursday at the Adventures Outdoors off South Cobb Drive to give a presentation called “the Florida Blueprint.” Many Cobb Republican activists attended.

Although several members of the liberal news media (and some Establishment people) have been eager to pit Governor DeSantis against former President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, Governor DeSantis instead publicly voiced his opposition that day to the mistreatment and harassment Trump has received by his recent New York indictment and now arraignment. DeSantis said he would not cooperate with any extradition of Trump from Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaking in Cobb County

Both former President Trump and Governor DeSantis have been popular with the grassroots for being willing to aggressively take the fight to the liberal onslaught in different ways. It appears that many members of the Georgia political Establishment are eager to get behind a DeSantis presidential candidacy — not because, we suspect, they agree strongly with his staunch conservative positions — but because they want to get behind any candidate who they believe has the best chance of beating Trump for the Republican presidential nomination next year. Indeed, the Atlanta political Establishment has opposed implementing staunch DeSantis-type policies here in Georgia even though they praise him. DeSantis, however, has not yet announced for sure whether he will run for President.

The NFRA (National Federation of Republican Assemblies) will be hosting a national Endorsement Convention in Florida in October. Stay tuned for more details on that event to be announced soon!

Cobb County GOP Sets New Standards in Honoring Volunteers Ahead of Elected Officials & Political Industry

Cobb County GOP Sets New Standards in Honoring Volunteers Ahead of Elected Officials & Political Industry

The Cobb County GOP sends close to the largest delegation to the state convention most years. It also sends delegations to four congressional districts conventions now.

In the past, elected officials have usually been placed at the front of the line to serve as delegates, even though many of these elected officials stand on the sidelines and don’t participate in controversial votes at the conventions, so as not to upset their constituents. Their delegate votes thus are often wasted.

This year the Nominating Committee for Cobb County adopted a new policy: “We chose to prioritize and give preference to our hard-working grassroots volunteers in the county who have labored to help the organization, the cause, and candidate campaigns completely at their own expense—without expecting any financial reward— over elected officials,” said Cobb Nominating Committee Chairman Nathaniel Darnell. Nathaniel also serves as the Chairman for the Cobb County RA chapterChris Deeb, the President of the Cobb RA chapter, served as Vice Chairman of the Nominating Committee. Nine other conservatives, activists, and former candidates from the county also served on the committee.

Other members of the 2023 Cobb County Nominating Committee

“This was not to disrespect any Republican elected official in Cobb County, but rather to honor the many men and women upon whose shoulders they stand: our grassroots volunteers,” Nathaniel continued. As a result, all Cobb County elected officials were placed on the alternate list by default during early Nominating Committee deliberations. By the conclusion, the committee voted to remove only one Cobb Republican elected official from both the delegate and alternate lists due to bad behavior in the state legislature.

This policy represents a shift in thinking within the Georgia Republican Party: Instead of the grassroots being treated as being at the bottom of the totem pole with the elite elected officials, corporate lobbyists, and paid political industry riding on their backs, true self-sacrificing Patriots were given the foremost respect.

Nathaniel Darnell, Cobb RA Chairman &
GRA NFRA Director

These are people with nothing to gain from their activism (other than just working to make the world a better place). We suggest that this group is more likely to be objective about what is best for the party, since they aren’t thinking about how to climb the ladder or make money in the political industry. 

While some paid members of the political industry, such as Brittany Ellison from east Cobb (who has also publicly posted false and vulgar attacks about fellow Republicans on her social media), took to the microphone to complain about being nominated as merely an alternate behind grassroots volunteers, no one at the Cobb County GOP Convention complained about the elected officials taking a back seat. No one made a motion to move up an elected official in Cobb from an alternate to a delegate position. The Nominating Committee’s policy concerning elected officials was therefore approved by the body at the county convention.

Those who sacrificially give of their “three Ts” (their time, their treasure, and their talents) expecting no personal enrichment, should always be given such preference. They are the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

Precinct & Convention Training: January 31st

Precinct & Convention Training: January 31st

New to the GOP convention process? Need a refresher? The Cobb GOP has announced they are hosting a training from our Cobb County Republican Assembly Chairman Nathaniel Darnell on January 31st at the Cobb GOP Headquarters. He will be joined by attorney and GRA President Alex Johnson. The price to attend? Free!

Plan to attend the convention training on January 31st!

Nathaniel and Alex led a great training two years ago for which many expressed appreciation. Nathaniel formerly served as the elected Vice Chair of Communications on the Cobb GOP Executive Committee and has served on the GA GOP State Committee for most of the last ten years. Alex has presided over many Republican conventions, including the DeKalb County GOP Convention.

This January 31st training will provide a step-by-step look at how the convention season is conducted from the Precinct Mass Meeting on February 11th all the way to the GA GOP State Convention in Columbus on June 9-10th. We will also conduct a mock convention to help familiarize participants in parliamentary procedure.

You can register in advance for this free convention training on Tuesday evening, January 31st by clicking here.

Congratulations to Our Victorious Endorsed Candidates!

Congratulations to Our Victorious Endorsed Candidates!

Tonight, the Election Day’s effort finally crossed the finish line of victory in the U.S. House as Republicans finally reached the 218 seats to claim the majority! One of those key seats was won by our endorsed Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14) with 65.88% of the vote in her district. Greene now represents a western portion of Cobb County.

MTG was the only candidate who received a unanimous endorsement from the GRA State Convention last spring. We look forward to what she will now be able to accomplish in the Republican majority with her committee assignments rightfully restored.

Also in the western part of Cobb County, Keli Gambril won re-election without an opponent in the 1st District of the County Commission with 72,731 votes. We first endorsed Keli when she challenged her predecessor in the Republican primary in 2017. Since then, Keli has distinguished herself as the most conservative member of the Cobb County Commission, and we’re very excited to have her continuing to serve.

Jordan Ridley

On the other side of the county, Jordan Ridley(R-Victoria) won with 61.6% of the vote in House District 22, which includes portions of both northeast Cobb and south Cherokee County. In Cobb alone he got 52.41% of the 11,618 votes cast in our county. 8,596 of his total raw votes came from Cherokee, and 6,089 came from Cobb. The GRA-PAC was pleased to provide funding for Ridley’s campaign early on, and we trust he will prove to be worth the investment by promoting Republican principles in the state legislature. Prior to running for office, Ridley served as the Chairman of the Cherokee County Republican Party.

For Cobb County School Board, our endorsed candidate David Chastain won re-election to Post 4—clinching Republican control yet again for the school board! Chastain won 53.89% of the vote or 25,548 raw votes. Again, Chastain has distinguished himself as one of the more conservative members of the school board over the years. Many residents in Cobb want to keep Republicans in control of the school board because they are concerned about the negative impact to home values if the schools were run by Democrats.

David Chastain

Education has become increasingly recognized nation-wide as a battle-ground in the United States of America. Many pundits have noted that a bulk of the Democrat vote during this recent general election that helped to stifle the projected “Red Wave” was the youth vote fresh out of government school and college.

It’s no wonder, though, given how children these days are being bombarded with a fresh onslaught of liberal and statist ideas in government schools of every kind ranging from Critical Race Theory (CRT), to Transgender fantasies, to even drag queens! Often these kinds of teachings get snuck in because of federal grants (bribes) that come with strings attached. We need school board members to draw a line in the sand and say, “Not in our schools!”

Our GRA members serving on the Cobb GOP Executive Committee—and all of our Cobb RA members across the county—did an admirable job hustling to get out the vote this election cycle! We commend Cobb RA member Salleigh Grubbs, who serves as the Chairwoman of the Cobb County Republican Party, for effectively promoting the campaign effort so as to even help Governor Brian Kemp earn more votes in Cobb than he did in 2017. That year, Kemp got 138,852 votes in Cobb, and this year he earned 142,864 votes.

Video: What Makes the Constitution So Special?

Video: What Makes the Constitution So Special?

The 235th birthday of the United States Constitution just happened on September 17, 2022. In celebration of the Constitution Day weekend, the RebelClef Orchestra asked for us to give a presentation on the significance of the U.S. Constitution for a special patriotic evening of symphony music on September 19th. This message was recorded in Whitfield County before an audience of families, students, and seniors from northwest Georgia at Christian Fellowship Assembly in Tunnel Hill. You can watch the video recording of the message now on our YouTube channel.

Click to watch the video message presented by our county Chairman Nathaniel Darnell.
Fundraiser for Olivia Angel: September 30th

Fundraiser for Olivia Angel: September 30th

We encourage you to join us for a special fundraiser for our endorsed candidate for H.D. 39 in south Cobb Olivia Angel on September 30th at the Cobb County Republican Party Headquarters. We were pleased to endorse Olivia prior to her winning the Republican nomination during the primary. She has the conviction to do what’s best for Cobb County and the entire state.

Come Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm to participate in this fundraiser reception!

Anti-Free Market Trash Service Proposal Quashed for This Year

Anti-Free Market Trash Service Proposal Quashed for This Year

Thanks to the overwhelming outcry from residents and local businesses, the Cobb County Commissioners decided to table the proposal to take trash service out of the free market in our county. That means we have a temporary success—at least until after the election this year!

We appreciate all of our local Cobb County Republican Assembly members and other activists who have spoken out against the proposal and helped to spread the word about this terrible idea. As we posted last week, this proposal is not only anti-Free Market competition for our county’s trash pickup but also as a result will lead to higher prices for residents and lower quality of service! It will hurt the current companies competing for that service and the jobs of the employees working for those companies.

Let us be eternally vigilant on this issue next January when the commissioners plan to take it off the table again and revisit the issue. We should all agree that this is a “solution” far worse than whatever “problem” the Democrats were claiming to want to resolve.

Both Republican commissioners Keli Gambrill (endorsed by the Cobb RAs) of District 1 and JoAnn Birrell of District 3 are up for re-election this November. No Democrats on the commission board are up for re-election this year.

Fundraiser for Tess Redding: September 16th

Fundraiser for Tess Redding: September 16th

We invite you to join us for a fundraiser on September 16th for our endorsed candidate for House District 37 Tess Redding. We were pleased to endorse Tess prior to her winning the Republican nomination during the primary based on her agreement with our principles and goals. We trust that she will work to promote healthy policy for our entire county and state.

Don’t underestimate the appeal Tess has for this south Cobb district. In the primary she received 984 more votes that her Democrat counterpart and the incumbent in the district. This is a chance Republicans have to take back a seat from the Democrats with the right support.

Save Your Local Trash Collector!

Save Your Local Trash Collector!

With their new found power, the Democrat-controlled county commission is attempting to take trash service away from the competitive free-market and institute it as a government service. Thankfully, they are meeting with some resistance.

JoAnn Birrell, 3rd Cobb Commission District

In the past “Republican” Commissioner JoAnn Birrell has supported cronyists initiatives such as giving a billionaire over $400 million in tax subsidies for his sports arena. It’s nice to know that her willingness to go along with a County Commission Chair’s proposals for local big government expansion and interference with the free-market has some bounds—at least when it’s a Democrat making the proposal. Birrell didn’t have the same guts to stand up to many other wasteful statist intrusions under previous RINO Chairs Tim Lee and Mike Boyce. Their policies not only stole from the taxpayers but also changed the demographics in our county, which has now led to the recent Democrat takeover.

Keli Gambrill, 1st Cobb Commission District

Meanwhile, our endorsed Commissioner Keli Gambril (District 1) has pretty consistently opposed interference with the free-market and local government waste, while supporting government cuts over tax increases under both Democrat and RINO leadership. Birrell would do well to learn from Gambril’s example. To her credit, Birrell also voted against Mike Boyce’s 2018 tax increase, although that proposal passed with the support of Gambril’s predecessor, who she defeated in that year’s Republican primary.

This trash proposal is not only anti-Free Market competition for our county’s trash pickup but also as a result will lead to higher prices for residents and lower quality of service! It will hurt the current companies competing for that service and the jobs of the employees working for those companies.

This is fundamentally the same type of anti-Free Market intrusion we are accustomed to seeing from RINOs in Cobb. At least this time since the intrusion is coming from a Democrat, Republicans are pretty united against it, and residents in Cobb County are pushing back.

You can learn how to join the effort and stand up for the free-market by opposing this proposal when you go to

Video of Attorney Ben DuPré’s Message Now Available

Video of Attorney Ben DuPré’s Message Now Available

In case you missed our recent special event, you can now watch the video recording of attorney Ben DuPré’s report “Life, Liberty, & Pistols: The Impact of SCOTUS’s Recent Term”! In addition to serving as a lawyer who has worked on many cases over the years dealing with the subject matter involved in the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings, Ben also serves as the Chief of Staff for the Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel here: