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End the Mask Mandates in Your Community

End the Mask Mandates in Your Community

It can be easy to feel helpless under the crushing weight of government actions that can all be excused by simply saying “due to the coronavirus.”

One of the most popular demands now is “we must mandate masks!”

Social media post sarcastically mocking the peer pressure to wear masks

Many people are understandably shocked to see their community fall so quickly under the thumb of local tyrants.

But we decided that instead of just giving in, we were going to do something about it.

By keeping elected officials accountable and refusing to back down, we were able to defeat the mask mandate in Whitfield County Georgia!

Unfortunately, many other counties and cities all across Georgia still force people to wear masks.

Whether it is everywhere or only inside public buildings or businesses a mask mandate is an infringement on your rights.

With the help of freedom loving Georgians like you, we can end mask mandates in the Peach State.

Sign up here to learn how you can end mask mandates in your area!

By working at the local level to defeat mask mandates we will bring freedom to our state while building a coalition of pro-freedom Georgians to make sure the mask mandates stay gone.

This is how we fought and won in Whitfield County, and how we can help you win in your community. Read More

In Atlanta, Frontline Doctors Warn Black Republicans on Experimental COVID Vaccine—and more!

In Atlanta, Frontline Doctors Warn Black Republicans on Experimental COVID Vaccine—and more!

On Monday morning, members of Georgia’s black community gathered in Atlanta at the Mariott Marquis to hear from America’s Frontline Doctors, the group of physicians who made headlines earlier this year by holding a press conference in Washington D.C. where they advocated for the use of Hydroxychloroquine for patients infected with COVID-19. This conference was partly a response to the recent national discussion about the possibility of distributing the vaccine for COVID by race, prioritizing the black community first. Angela Stanton King, the Republican nominee in the recent congressional race for the late John Lewis’ seat, introduced the Frontline Doctors at the event.

Dr. Simone Gold, who holds both a medical degree and a law degree

“I want you to no longer say ‘vaccine,’” said Dr. Simone Gold, the group’s founder, “it is an ‘experimental vaccine’. That is the legally correct description.” She went on to warn that, by receiving the experimental vaccine the implication is that they will track those who receive it because they are a participant in this experiment. 

“The CDC is telling the public at large that getting an experimental vaccine is a good thing and, for the black community, a matter of racial justice,” Dr. Gold stated emphatically. “Racial justice has no place in scientific inquiries… There is scant scientific evidence that suggests race is a factor and some that suggests it is not a factor at all.” The Doctors asserted that Africa has been virtually untouched by the virus and suggested that if minorities appear more susceptible, it is likely the result of lifestyle and living conditions not their ethnicity. The physicians, based on their research, expressed grave concerns about the safety and efficacy of the new, experimental vaccine for anyone of any race. 

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